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Re: TSA Security

Postby WoVeU » Thu Dec 30, 2010 5:29 pm

And let me add...many civilian jobs make sense (those along side uniformed people.) "Continuity" these people help keep a base line and transfer knowledge, skills, and abilities for jobs while uniformed personnel get transferred all of the time. So this makes a lot of sense. (Well maybe, more in second.) My 623 (training folder) was thick about 1". Between working on anything that was electrical, and anything that had pneumatics, including AC and pressurtization on the aircraft, then I also had to be able to work in the parts in the back shop. AND also work on cryogenic and gaseous cylinder carts and trailers. It was very typical for an EE Tech to earn their 5 level (fully trained to work unassisted) when they were an E-4 and had less than 1 year left of a 4 year tour. So some civies hanging around kept qulaified people on hand (but I was ticked, their "fully" qualified was just electrical or just environmental. Even when they got "signed-off" in their 623 you'd never see them applying this "ability". {And I got even more ticked when I also had to learn Crew Chief tasks, and some hydraulics, and AR (air frame structure). Then I became a "Certified MEchanic" which was like being a 7 level on my own work (inspect and sign off all checks and clearnaces) and what-do-you-know, on top of also supervising others I was then "signing-off" their work, loop-holing...they'd leave me a few last steps some 5 level was working...no big deal I had to bail them out all of the tinme anyway!}

Now, why does this not make sense?!?!? Well, why in the name of God do they feel the need to give people orders every 3 to 4 years. I have argued this with the wife for 15 years (she is starting to see the light, now that she is managin more). It is supposed to keep you in "military mode" and not feeling like a homesteader or civilian...help to keep a guy ready to deploy. This is crazy, TDY them some place every once in a while. Moving is expensive, it is a pain, and unsettles your life for 6 months to a year. Then you have all the changing working relations, and often times changing tasks that just fall under the general umbrella of your AFC (specialization/job). (And you ought to see all the paper work, administration, finance, and training paper work this creates. If I was President, before I was assassinated this would be the first thing I changed. I'd save billions and increase efficiency and performance!
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Re: TSA Security

Postby Derek » Fri Dec 31, 2010 9:47 pm

When I was in we always traveled Commercial, of course I was Navy, so we had no firearms. I would assume that "troop movements", such as sending soldiers overseas for combat, would involve a military transport. If this is not the case, I am extremely disappointed and believe we should change the practice.

Wow, this brought back a memory of me riding a Greyhound bus from San Francisco to Atlanta in 3 days. Man I sure did smell like that bus by the time I arrived in the ATL.
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