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Postby donovan » Fri Oct 28, 2016 10:40 am

Yesterday, I was talking to a young man that worked for Yelp in St. Louis, Mo. I mentioned his city losing their football team but that they still had a great baseball team. He said he like the Cardinals and went to several games per year. When he asked if I had ever been to the New Busch Stadium I told him I had not, but I had been to Old Busch Stadium when I was a kid and saw Stan Musial play. He mentioned that was a long time ago and I agreed, sometime in the early 50's. Then I said I used to listen to Dizzy Dean broadcast on the radio. He had never heard of Dean. I told him he needed to check that out. I remember Dean saying when asked who was the best, he said, "I is."

I so dislike my forgotten idols.
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Re: Baseball

Postby Spence » Fri Oct 28, 2016 11:26 pm

Very cool. Growing up going to Reds games in the late 60's to the 90's with my dad, I got to see the beginning, middle, and end of the Big Red Machine. I didn't realize how lucky I was at the time. I'm not sure there will ever be a collection of guys like that on one team.

I've been to the new Busch Stadium and to ball park village that is connected. It is a very cool area and is kind of a cool tribute to baseball. St Louis is a baseball town. Cincinnati is set up that way too. Lots better than Riverfront. Better than Crosley. In Boston, Fenway is a cool old stadium. but the area outside isn't that great. Definitely a baseball town too, but the surrounding area could use some upgrade.
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