CFPMB Changes (08/29)

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CFPMB Changes (08/29)

Postby openSkies » Wed Aug 22, 2007 6:45 pm

As I learn my way around this new message board I'm changing a few things here, adding a few things there, and finding new features. I've made this post so that we can all keep up on the new features that are available. If anyone runs across anything that I don't have on here, add to it!

    Upgraded to phpBB 3.0.RC5
    Added awards
    Latest 5 Topics on CFP Front Page

    + User Control Panel
      Post subscriptions, bookmarks, drafts
      Private messaging with BCC and multiple recipients, mail folders, and forwarding
      Friends and Foes (favorite, ignore posters)
    + Attachments
      Attach files to posts/messages
    + Speed
      Quick-loading CSS
      Migration to a new host
    + Admin and Mod Options
      Official warnings
      Topic violation notification
      New BBCodes
    + Documentation
      Updated CFP Rules and Regulations
      Updated 'Read Me' page
    + Ranks / Awards
      New rank images
      New ranks (Head Coach 1,000 posts - Athletic Dir 2,500 posts)
      Addition of awards
      New award images
    + Modifications
      Categorize Announcements mod
      Latest 5 Topics on CFP Front Page
    + Posts
      Strike-through BBCode

    + Modifications
      Currency system
      Awards system (Piece of crap mod)
      BBCode retain script
      Competition mod
      Thank Poster mod
      ACP Announcements mod
      Topic password protection


Re: CFPMB Changes (08/25)

Postby mountainman » Sun Aug 26, 2007 10:14 pm

Don't forget to add: Go grab a beer and a burger with favorite girl.

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