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Leaderboard: Weeks 1-3

Postby Eric » Mon Sep 21, 2015 1:31 pm

This is becoming an annual thing, but I will issue my apology about the timing of the leaderboard. I keep getting busy, then delayed, and then it's Thursday and I tell myself, "well I might as well wait until this slate of games is finished." Procrastination is not your friend :roll:

At any rate, these are the scores I've compiled through three weeks. Check your scores if you want and correct me if I need to be corrected. Any time I do multiple weeks it's easy for mistakes to worm their way into my tallies, so go for it if you wish. I had Donovan as the Week 1 high-scorer with 16 points, Doss as the Week 2 high-scorer with 14, and Armchairqb had the Week 3 high score with 15 points. Thus far, yours truly has posted the worst score of the year in Week 3 with 8 (let's give a big round of applause for Colorado State, Louisiana Tech, and Nebraska for all losing in overtime :roll: ). Ah well, them's the breaks.

And for anybody who has missed one week, but not more, we'll still be doing the mulligan system. At the end of the year for the end-of-season totals, I'll add your average score to your total (while rounding down). I'll keep that number listed in parentheses.

Here is the leaderboard:

1. Armchairqb - 40
2. Spence - 36
T3. Vileborg - 34
T3. Eric - 34
T3. Derek - 34
T3. Donovan - 34
T7. Cane - 31
T7. Highfly - 31
9. Dossenator - 24 (36 average)
10. ..Fanatic - 22 (33 average)
----(missed two weeks or more)----
11. Warriorsfan - 15
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