Reflections From The Past

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Reflections From The Past

Postby WoVeU » Thu Oct 20, 2011 7:35 pm

Watching ESPN today, in my daily effort to have my opinion handed to me all gift wrapped and what-not, I realized something when the NFL guys were talking about all of the offenses.

Some years ago, my first on the board I think, a rousing debate for weeks centered on the efficacy of the Spread, Pistol, Option, Wildcat, and other college offenses and strategies.
And we had 2 and you could consider even 3 opinions. I have always said almost anything you can do in college can work in the pros others had the same opinion. And we had the side for it not working...for the usual argument...the players on defense were much better, faster, and football smarter, and they practiced much more. (Which is true, but so are the counter.) (Counter-to-my-counter, yes but the D is more important.) And to that I agreed. A 3rd opinion, I am sure a few had, but I know Spence had it....that we would inevitably see some aspects of these used in the pros...and that could be done with success. (I don't fully remember 100% which side others fell on.)

But I have to say, the NFL is a different game today. We see a lot of Spread and about everything else...but the Spread is the only thing that is fully used. That being said, it isn't WVU or Oregon's...more like Pitt, Cincy, or Oklahoma State...or I could say WVU's current style...leveraged more for passing.

Now the other thought I always had was that there are only a few D's in the pro game and they were so practiced and learned against a few pro styles that it would help these new and different attacks. And I am confident I have seen that. But we forgot some endorsement by the NFL...they love offense and scoring. I think this push and some of the related offense assisting rule changes has helped the growth. And I think Peyton Manning and Michael Vick have helped as well. If you want to spread it out and pass, having a High-Q QB helps a lot. Peyton was already a walking audible...his option is all pre snap...but (IMO) it shone a light on Pass Spread feasibility. Falcon Michael Vick shone more light too, a first down is a first down...and he could move the sticks. And he was fairly well disciplined in Atlanta to get down or out of bounds. (Interestingly he is now getting hammered...while he is much more trying to work the pocket.)

I just thought about this and it is interesting to look at what actually transpired after so much prognostication. (My job for years.) Oh, and a huge point...the NCAA didn't leave the NFL a whole lot of choices. (We may have thrown that around a year later w/ so much adoption in college.) So many teams went spread a great many athletes were spread-sized and spread-skilled athletes. I guess this is the biggest catalyst, you have to use what you have!

Now, let I revisit another prognostication. Once the spread becomes ubiquitous and smaller speedy athletes filled the ranks...3 yards in a cloud of dust will make a come back. And when it does, it could likely be 13 yards in a cloud of dust and jarred bones! This is coming to a theater near you...and soon! My leading candidates: Ohio State, Wisconsin, Penn State, Michigan, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, LSU, Pittsburgh, Louisville, Rutgers, UConn, ND, and Stanford. I look for teams like FSU, Va Tech, WVU, Florida to be the most likely to preserve a dual threat QB and follow the drift by the next year. Watch recruiting, the RB, FB, TE, then QB will likely be the give away for that new day (Ecclesiastic) to dawn. (But I think the day of the pot-belly Tackle is over!)
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