Player of the Week Nominees: Week 2

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Player of the Week Nominees: Week 2

Postby Cane from the Bend » Mon Sep 12, 2011 2:11 am

I have to admit; due to my staying up way too late from Friday night, into Saturday morning, I slept mostly through the middle afternoon games block, catching only the very end of most mid-day games, then watching all of the prime time games. (even though I missed the last 30 seconds of Michigan's win over the leprechauns)

I did however see two wild Friday night games; and it is there where I make my choice for this week:

Arizona State QB Brock Osweiler
Completions - Attempts
24 of 32
Yards - 35 --- Average - 11.0
TD's - 3 --- Interceptions - o
Carries - 5
Yards - 34 --- Average per Carry - 6.8
TD's - 1 --- Fumbles - o

Osweiler held his team together when their backs were against the wall. Arizona State watched the lead they had built dwindle on them; Missouri had much momentum in the favor. The Sun Devils took it in overtime.

======= ======= ======= ======= ======= ======= ======= =======

I know Denard Robinson deserves quite a bit of credit for pulling through when the game was on the line; and I give him an honorable mention for his performance.

Though; Robinson's 3 interceptions put the Wolverines in a hole.

It is amazing how he can fight his way back into a game. But, Michigan would not have had to struggle so much, had Robinson not turned the ball over.

So, honorable mention; rather than the award.

======= ======= ======= ======= ======= ======= ======= =======

other nominees:



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