Thoughts after CCG's

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Thoughts after CCG's

Postby billybud » Sun Dec 08, 2019 9:08 am

1...Burrows at LSU is a generational talent as is Trevor Lawrence at Clemson.

2...The year of the quarterbacks with Justin Fields & Jalen Hurts also in the CFP. This season show cases the importance of having a great quarterback.

3...LSU should be #1...very impressive...Oklahoma #4...Clemson and Ohio State in the middle...either could be #2 or #3...I think Clemson will go #3. No matter...they will play each other.

4...random musings

....Clemson has won last five games by margins of + 30. Ran over Virginia playing back ups the whole 4th quarter. Five RB's played.

....LSU looks really good...had only three close games but against good teams...Auburn, Alabama, Texas.

....Ohio State has rolled everybody..."close" games are still those won by double digits.

....the Buckeyes can't slumber for a quarter in the CFP with Clemson.
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