Week 11 So Far ...

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Week 11 So Far ...

Postby Cane from the Bend » Sat Nov 09, 2019 9:38 pm


Despite the schedule --- Minnesota should have been in the top 10.

LSU; got a little lackadaisical in the second half, but woke up when Bama started to push ... Tigers never gave up the lead, Tide never led.

Miami is finally clicking ... Bowl Eligibility; scoring 52 on Senior Day.

Ohio State is #1 this week ... LSU, after beating the #3 team on their field, may swap ranks with the Buckeyes in the next poll. And that's how it should be.

UCF; oh how the mighty have fallen ... forget the New Year's Six, worry about winning the games you're playing. Was a great game, and exciting to watch. However, losing to a 2-7 Tulsa team was a bad loss.

Baylor squeaked by int Triple Overtime to beat 4-4 TCU ... true; but they are still undefeated, and this was a Rivalry Game. I also noticed that TCU DB's were grabbing Bears Receivers' jerseys on virtually every pass play. At least 3 of which that weren't flagged that would have been Touchdown catches for Baylor. Nice job of the Bears keeping it together and tying up the game in crunch time.

Iowa/Wisconsin; this was Big 10 Football. Tough game from both sides. The Badgers lowered the shoulder, and got the late first downs. That's how you win the close ones.

I can't believe I talked myself out of taking Va Tech to win in my Picks ... I was so sure, by the way they have been playing, that they'd beat Wake Forest. Nice win for the Hokies. This game was not even close. The controlled the pace & momentum the whole way.

SMU; coming off of their loss last week to Memphis, just eked out a win over 3-6 ECU ... I know, a win is a win. But when that win is to a team who is winless in your conference, and you gave up more than 50 points, you may not be ready to represent the Group of 5 in the post season New Year's Six.

FSU; Levitt was now a sideline presence, and the `noles won on the road @ Boston College. That's a significant win. Because they've now broken even on the year, so should State lose to the swamprats, they only need to beat Alabama State to get a Bowl bid.

Stanford;I dont know how things got this bad ... ... ... okay, maybe I have some suspicions. Shaw doesn't coach well enough. He needs an All Star running back to have success. He continues to run the same offense, even when he does not have the personnel. He needs to either learn to draw up a playbook that utilizes the skill sets of the players he has on the roster ... or he needs to find a way to get his staff to coach these players up, and communicate precisely what he wants --- Colorado is not a good team. Only being able to put up 13 points vs the Buffs, isn't going to get it done.

The Illini won their 4th game in a row ... the Spartans lost their 4th game in a row. Michigan State had a 28-10 advantage going into the 4th quarter. Illinois had a 27-3 scoring differential in the final 15 minutes of play. Just an outright collapse by Michigan State. I have to hand it to Lovie. He never let his guys feel as though they were out of it. They believed in their coach, and he coached them to success. Now, with their 6th win on the year, and winning a game like this, they have momentum going into their last two games vs Iowa & Northwestern --- Dantonio; I wonder when the retirement talk, and, mutal parting of the ways, conversation begins.

Virginia; I almost put this game on the weekly predictions ... maybe I should have. Scoring 33 against Ga Tech is a solid days appearance ... but giving up 28 is not so good. Key matchups can become nightmares for the assume better team. In the end, the Cavs did just enough to win.

USC; nice win ... this game was not as close as the score. The ref's threw a flag for roughing the passer, when the defender started the tackle before Arizona State's QB released the ball. It would have been 4th down, instead,they gave em first and goal. Even still, the Touchdown that followed was only enough to get the Sun Devils within 5. The Trojans led the entire game. And, even when it looked as if AZ St had grabbed some momentum, the Trojans played sound enough to prevent any real explosive plays --- winning today puts USC in position to potentially make the Pac-12 Championship. Since they beat Utah ealier in the year, if the Utes drop another, the Trojans will be in the lead from the Pac South due to the head to head victory.

Right now --- Oklahoma is up 14-0 over Iowa State, and Clemson is all over N.C.State, 28-0 ... we'll see how these games go; I doubt there'll be much of a change.

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