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Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 8:09 pm
by Cane from the Bend

And "THAT"!! is why I put this game in the weekly predictions, even though the line was 13.5 in favor of the `Canes, and many vocal analysts were saying, Blowout.

FSU's defense played very well. Their offense started fast, physical & sharp.

Everything changed when the Sack Fumble occurred.. The momentum swing took full effect, and it was a different game thereafter.

I feel Perry needs to fine tune his passing skills in big moments a bit. There were a couple of very pinpoint hits, but, the hands weren't always pulling the passes down, and some tosses were overhead, just out of reach of the receivers.

The Hurricane D won this game.. Once field position got spun, FSU had trouble moving the length of the field. Two turnovers in short field caused a quick 14 point bounce back. Then FSU's O-line started showing its vulnerabilities.

That's when the Miami O had shown up.

At the half, I was trying to remind myself, this game can flip on a dime. I was doing what I could to convince myself, that we still had a chance, when in all actuality, I was preparing to absorb the loss.

FSU is not as bad as when they started the season. They are starting to buy in to Taggart's game plan, and will be tough down the road.

Now they just need to take the chomp outta the gators, who are going to be flying high after today's win vs the Tigers.