Now Here's A Donovan/Billbud Conversation Piece

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Re: Now Here's A Donovan/Billbud Conversation Piece

Postby Cane from the Bend » Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:04 pm


Well, Florida State first fielded a team as far back as the 1890's ... but back then it was Florida State College. The team was known as the "Florida State College Eleven".

It was in 1902 when Florida State founded its athletic program, which is the year they entered their first season of competition.

In 1902 Florida State College students, supported by president Albert A. Murphree, organized the school's first official football club to play against other schools and teams.

The "Florida State College Eleven" and W. W. Hughes [Florida State College professor of Latin and the head of men's sports] served as the first coach. They played their first game against the Bainbridge Giants, a city team from Bainbridge, Georgia, defeating them 5–0.

The team then played back-to-back matches against Florida Agricultural College (which later merged into what is now the University of Florida) one week apart, winning the first 6–0 and losing the second 0–6.

The following season the Eleven arranged a full schedule of six games.

They competed against teams such as the University of Florida in Lake City (as Florida Agricultural College was then called), Georgia Tech, and the East Florida Seminary (another school that merged into the University of Florida), and finished the season by competing against Stetson College in Jacksonville for The Florida Times-Union's Championship Cup.

The following year Jack Forsythe [who became the first head coach of the Florida Gators], replaced Hughes as coach, and the Eleven won the unofficial "state championship" by defeating Stetson in Tallahassee.

In 1905, the state reorganized its secondary education under the Buckman Act which reorganized Florida's six colleges into three institutions segregated by gender and race: a school for white males, a school for white females, and a school for African Americans. Florida State College became Florida Female College until 1909, when it became Florida State College for Women.

The Florida State football team moved to the University of Florida. Florida State College then became an All Girls school until 1947.

In 1909 several veterans of the FSC Eleven founded a city team, named the Tallahassee Athletics, but this folded after one season. Except for this, until 1947, Tallahassee's only organized or collegiate football team were the team from the Florida Agricultural and Mechanical College for Negroes [Florida A&M University].

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