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Postby Spence » Mon Jan 08, 2018 11:31 pm

Derek wrote:
Spence wrote:
donovan wrote:Who would have known? Maybe you and Mr. Billybud could go on the road. I think Spence would manage you for 10%....errrr 15%.

15% and expenses of course.

Then you'll be eating a lot of McDonalds and Ramen Noodles. 8) 8)

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Athletic Director
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Postby billybud » Tue Jan 09, 2018 8:59 am

Derek wrote:
billybud wrote:Spence...I am coming along OK for the couple of months I've been learning...I have acquired a few guitars..a Martin, a Breedlove (arrived yesterday) and a Michael Kelly electric...if I don't learn how to play, I can become a collector.

And then there is the ancillary equipment...amp, mike, pedal, cords, etc.

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Nice guitar. I like the Martin sound.

I play bass at local churches. I have a 78 Fender P-bass (my pride and all original), a 5-string Ibanez, and a fretless bass that I don't think I've touched in 10+ years.

You can not beat a Martin dreadnought for tone and projection...but, I tell you, the Breedlove Stage Concert (Rosewood and Sitka) has a really nice tone for a finger picking size guitar ( a little smaller than the dreadnought body).

I have plucked a couple of the guys basses while they chuckle...but I do not see how you can move from a fretted to a fretless...the finger placement is different and your muscle memory starts hiccupping...the Michael Kelly fretless that I messed with was a beautiful acoustic bass. however.
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