Predictions Week Eight --- Week Seven Winner(s)

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Predictions Week Eight --- Week Seven Winner(s)

Postby Cane from the Bend » Mon Oct 16, 2017 3:53 pm


Week Eight Picks are ready, here:

New names at the top this week; Derek & Old Ducker best the rest, with both making 11 of 20 correct predictions.

The Overall Scores Currently Stand:

Spence = 120
Cane = 109
Highfly = 106
Derek = 106
Donovan = 91

~ Old Ducker = 58 ~ [participation from weeks three, four, five, Six & seven]
~ Vileborg = 86 ~ [participation from weeks One, Two, three, four & five]
~ Dossenator = 30 ~ [participation from week one]

This was another one of those weeks, where most of the games could have gone the other way with 1 or 2 plays --- I suspect that has something to do with how the scoring went. Three of us scored right at 50% whereas the winners of the week scored 55% ... only one of us going below .500 with 9 correct ... :arrow: [hey Donovan; it wasn't you 8) ]

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