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Re: Possible Hot Seat Coach Replacements

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 12:09 am
by Cane from the Bend
I think it's pretty obvious that it was as much Andersen as the administration here.

This is probably Oregon State's best option. If they are going to start fielding a better team, they are going to need to initiate the hiring process now, so that a new head coach can be named prior to heading into the off season.

It will give the next HC a chance to establish a supporting staff, and assemble a game package to sell recruits on --- meanwhile, Andersen can take the break he needs to refresh his jets, and assess whether or not to get back on the sidelines elsewhere [likely as an assistant of some fashion].

In any case, it was inevitable. I just didn't see him coming back next year, even had he finished out this season.

What do you think, Donovan..? Could Oregon State take the Leavitt route, and steal him away from the Ducks.?.


Re: Possible Hot Seat Coach Replacements

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 10:51 am
by donovan
No, I don't think so. Oregon State is a lot like Washington State. Very difficult to recruit to Corvallis. (I would think Pullman is worse.) What Oregon State needs is a Leach type guy, where the coach is as entertaining as the players. Football is entertainment and like Piniella said when he was with the Mariners, 'If these guys are going to play entertaining ball, then someone has to give the fans their money's worth." Oregon State has very little fan support, Oregon just overshadows them, especially when they are winning. Even with Oregon State baseball team fans were blase' about it. I don't know who is out there, but I would look for a mature guy that has institutional control, would appeal to the parents of the players, hire a new publicist and start rebranding yourself. The other solution is someone that is going to give you 8 wins...and that isn't happening next year. The Pac 12 is tough, maybe not like Eastern conferences, but there is real parity here and of course under the new system parity penalizes, so just forget that and start from the ground up. Washington State seems to have done it, I think Oregon State can too.

Re: Possible Hot Seat Coach Replacements

Posted: Fri Oct 13, 2017 4:42 pm
by Spence
Andersen should have stayed at Wisconsin. Wisconsin has always been very patient with 8+ game winning coaches. The more years he got under his belt the more Wisky would have been likely to keep him. They put up with Bielema for to many years because he was Barry Alvarez hand picked hm. One of the few mistakes ever by B. Alvarez. I believe Andersen didn't want to coach the Alvarez way was a big reason he jumped ship on them. Andersen had to pay a 3 million buyout to the Badgers to leave. Too bad about his situation because he seems like a good coach and good guy.